At Life Choices we believe in Simplicity


We understand that the food you feed your family matters, which is why we’ve included the simplest ingredients in our products. We utilize only premium cuts of meat – the best for you and your family – balancing health and great taste.


Our food options are easy to prepare. In 20 minutes you can have a great tasting, nutritious meal on the table.


We believe that you are what you eat eats, and that is why our cows and pigs are raised on pasture. The cows graze and are fed grass, and our chickens are free range. All of our animals are raised without the use of added hormones or antibiotics. We believe in traditional farming methods, treating our animals and land with dignity and respect. We had it right 100 years ago – we’ve gone back to that.

Look for Life Choices products in the natural section of your grocery store or at your local natural food store.

If only all choices in life were this easy…