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Life Choices offers premium convenience meat products that are raised ethically, are good for you, and taste great! Ethically raised means without the use of added hormones and antibiotics, treating the animals with dignity and respect, and practicing good animal and land stewardship. We promote sustainable agriculture and sustainable communities and place a very strong emphasis on the well-being and treatment of all our animals, including giving them room to roam. Ethically raised meats result in happier animals and better tasting meat.

Grass fed beef has been shown to have significantly higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, CLA and other nutrients, including Vitamin E and beta-carotene, in comparison to conventionally raised beef 1. We are proud our beef comes from 100% grass fed cattle. Life Choices Beef Burgers are made with whole and premium cuts of meat. We make our burgers with minimal ingredients – no fillers, binders or extenders, just meat and spices!

1.Daley, C. A., Abbott, A., Doyle, P. S., Nader, G. A., & Larson, S. (2010). A review of fatty acid profiles and antioxidant content in grass-fed and grain-fed beef. Nutrition Journal, 9(1), 10.

Cows that graze on grass create manure on pasture, which is a natural, sustainable fertilizer. This reduces water pollution and erosion levels as well as ensuring better soil and plant growth. 37% of all methane emissions come from factory farming, contributing to increased greenhouse gasses, and global warming2. At Life Choices, we believe in helping preserve the planet, and if that means grass feeding, we’re in!

Our chicken is free range, meaning the chickens have room and are not confined. This results in healthier chickens.

These chickens are not fed animal by-products and are raised without antibiotics. We keep it simple by only including premium cuts of chicken and spices in our chicken burgers, no fillers or additives!

Yes, all of our hot dogs and sausages are gluten-free.
All our meat comes from traceable farms of origin. We source our grass fed beef from Australia and Tasmania, as well as our very own family farm, Grandview, in Thornbury, Ontario, to bring you high quality cuts of meat.
Life Choices products are currently not certified organic. We are proud to work with farmers that have high standards for environmental sustainability, animal welfare, and product safety. At this time, certifying all of the local farms where our meat is produced is not financially viable, but something we are continuing to review.
There are no artificial preservatives in our meats. Cultured celery extract is added to our hot dogs and sausages to naturally preserve them.


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